“Come on” 씨엔블루 싱글 3집 수록곡 추가 정보 Additional Details on CNBLUE’s 3rd Single

1. Come on
2. Wake up
3. My miracle
4. Come on (Instrumental)

1.Come on
이종현 작곡, 정용화 작사.
지금껏 발표해온 노래와는 달리, 보다 하드하고 메탈적인 요소가 많이 표현된 곡이다.
작사에서는 우리들의 정열과 포부를 표현하고 있다.
노래 전체는 하드한 기타 리프와 보컬이 특징으로, 한층더 헤비한 사운드를 연주하는 CNBLUE를 상상하실 수 있을 것이다.

2.Wake up
신나는 기타 리프와 펑키한 요소가 많은 곡이다.
가사는 다른 사람을 흉내내기만 하고 자기 자신의 “무언가”가 없는 사람들을 응원하는 곡이다.
그 대상이 어쩌면 자기자신일지도 모른다고 생각하면, 움찔할지도 모른다.
드럼, 기타, 베이스가 저마다 화려한 프레즈를 연주하는 곡이다.

3.My miracle
이종현 작곡, 정용화 작사의 발라드곡.
사람과 사람의 만남은 운명이라고 생각한다.
그 중에서도 사랑하는 사람을 만난다는 것은 더욱더 운명적이다.
그래서 반드시 그 사람을 잡고 싶어한다는 가사다.
무언가를 갈망하고, 울부짖는듯한 트윈보컬의 매력이 잘 묻어나는 노래다.

Text by CNBLUE

1. Come on
Music by Lee Jong Hyun, Lyrics by Jung Yong Hwa
Unlike the songs released thus far, this song incorporates more elements of hard rock and metal.
In the lyrics, we express our passion and ambitions.
Overall, the song is characterized by strong guitar riffs and vocals; you can imagine CNBLUE that plays a much heavier sound.

2. Wake Up
This song contains uplifting guitar riffs and many elements of funk.
The lyrics are directed at the people who only copy others, without having “something” of their own. It is also a song of encouragement.
If you think you’re the object of the song, you might cringe (from feeling guilty).
In this song, the drums, guitars, and bass perform fancy phrases on their own.

3. My miracle
Music by Lee Jong Hyun, Lyrics by Jung Yong Hwa
The encounter between two people is a destiny.
Among all of them, meeting someone you love is especially fateful.
The lyrics are about wanting to hold on to that person no matter what.
The song superbly integrates the strengths of two vocalists, who sound as though they are crying out loud, craving something desperately.

Text by CNBLUE

Original source: http://www.cnblue.jp/cnblue/jp/contents/album.php?code=album&idx=18357

일한번역 Japanese to Korean translation by @banyantree_i
한영번역 Korean to English translation by cnbluetheband

“Come on” 씨엔블루 싱글 3집 수록곡 추가 정보 Additional Details on CNBLUE’s 3rd Single”에 대한 4개의 생각

  1. Checkinout (@juzcheckinout)

    Reading this has further fueled my anticipation for this album. The boys have big shoes to fill as I’ve absolutely loved their last 2 Japanese EPs, In My Head and Where You Are. First time I’ve loved every single song in those albums.

    I already know I love Come On, and I know I’m going to love the lyrics of “Wake Up” just from the description and the title. Oooh… Yong Hwa starting to show more teeth in his lyrics. I like! And “My Miracle”, another Jong Hyun composition with Yong Hwa lyrics… their twin vocals is one of the greatest strength of this band. Can hardly wait.

  2. morgen

    Jonghyun really did a good job in composing Come On. This song is cool. I’m really excited to hear the other 2 songs. Yonghwa and Jonghyun are really talented!


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