Tattoo (Winter Tour 2011 -Here, In my head 요요기 제1체육관)

수록앨범 (Album): Bluelove
발매일 (Release date): 2010.5.19
작곡 (Music): 정용화 (Jung Yong Hwa), 한승훈 (Han Seung Hoon)
작사 (Lyrics): 정용화 (Jung Yong Hwa)
편곡 (Arrangement) 한승훈 (Han Seung Hoon), 정용화 (Jung Yong Hwa)

공연일자 (Performance date): 2011.12.16
공연제목 (Performance): Winter Tour 2011 -Here, In my head
공연장소 (Venue): 요요기 제1체육관 (Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium)

Tattoo (Winter Tour 2011 -Here, In my head 요요기 제1체육관)”에 대한 2개의 생각

  1. Geaniee Go

    Tattoo는 제가 정말 좋아하는 곡이에요. 이곡은 하나도 빼놓을게 없이 좋아요. 들을때마다 감명입니다. 이 노래를 들을때마다 정 용화는 천재라고 생각해요. 이 곡은 한국에선 왜 안되나요? 충분히 승부수가 있다고 생각되는데…
    이곡이 지금 자작곡으로 발표되었다면 각종 음악 싸이트 올킬일거 같은데 나만의 생각인지?

  2. Checkinout (@juzcheckinout)

    I loved this song upon first listen when it came out on Bluelove. When I found out that it was written and composed by Yong Hwa, it sealed the deal for me that this boy’s music fits my taste and Just Please and Y, Why were not flukes. This song showed a moodier, darker, more intense side of Yong Hwa that made me curious and excited. I loved the edgy way he sang the song, the under current of ferocity in his voice, the strong beats and guitar riffs, the hypnotic ‘keep ons’ that keep building up, and the dark, almost morbid lyrics… It was a perfect song for me.

    I was bitterly disappointed when it was never played (or sung since its hand-sync anyway) on the music programs, ecstatic when I first watched it performed live in the AX Shibuya Concert DVD and DIED when I heard the re-arranged version from the Yoyogi concert clips. They made an already awesome song so much more amazing! Yong Hwa upped the sexy quotient by ten-fold with his growls and drawls, Jong Hyun’s additional guitar solo was seriously haunting and the climax at the end was explosive.

    ​I was fortunate enough to hear this song performed live in LA and I will say that this song is so so so much better live. Yong Hwa’s raspy voice grabs hold of you and DRAGS you into his world, and Jong Hyun’s guitar solo made my heart ACHE literally. I was too engulfed in the music to look at the stage and when I watched the fan cameras later, I loved how fully immersed the band was in their music; playing with body and soul. Tattoo is Yong Hwa’s sexiest composition yet and deserves way more recognition for the masterpiece I truly is.


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